Ethics Policy

LAST UPDATE DATE: 26 December 2020

Malabar News remains committed at presenting facts and information in a responsible, honest, impartial and objective manner without any bias, political affiliation or allegiance to any special interest groups.

Build on the fundamentals of democracy, human rights, secularism, humanity while judiciously protecting the integrity of the Indian constitution, Malabar News is setting new benchmarks of journalistic quality and integrity.

Malabar News will always remain accountable for the trust its readers place on the news portal.

Malabar News upholds fairness, accuracy and editorial independence as building blocks to its reporting. But nothing stands above its quest to maintain and preserve the news portal’s integrity.

Each and every member of Malabar News’ reporting and non-reporting team is devoted to;

  • Not act in ways that could damage the organization’s credibility.
  • To seek for the counsel of the Editor-in-Chief when in conflict about the credibility of information or view which is to be published.

Every Malabar News employee is expected to fully imbibe the soul of the Malabar News reporting and proactively report any form of ethical violations that comes to their notice.


Malabar News places fairness in reporting at the paramount of its decision-making. Each reporter is obligated by the norm to seek opposing views and gather responses from those whose conduct is questioned in the news article or feature.

Every news article or feature on Malabar News will cover both sides of the news and will explicitly express in its presentation when the opposing side has not made itself available for any form of response.

Malabar News will consistently track the developments related to the matter and will notify the reader about a developing story with “more to come” or similar contextual information.
The news portal will judicially commit itself in not engaging in plagiarism or copying any content to be presented on Malabar News without contextual copywriting.

At no given point of time, a reporter or collaborator of a news article or feature is expected to break the law to gather necessary information or fact on the matter of reporting.


Malabar News believes that the validity and the credibility of the news article or feature published on the news portal are only as credible and authentic as its source.

Malabar News journalists are obligated to only produce and publish news articles or features with identifiable information source (which either remains available for public scrutiny or chooses anonymity).

Journalists are expected to reveal the identity of the source, irrespective of the level of anonymity the resource seeks to the Editor-in-Chief before publishing the news article or feature.

When possible, the Malabar News reporter is expected to verify the information gathered with other available sources and use their own discretion to validate their source of information.


Malabar News will refrain from revealing the name of the victim or the culprit if any one of them is a minor by law, has not been conclusively found to be a victim or a culprit of the crime.

Malabar News will not reveal the name(s) of the victim(s) of sexual assaults.


Malabar News employees are expected to not endorse any brand of organization with which they are in direct contact during their coverage. Linking of sharing the posts on social media platforms will not be considered as a violation of the same.

Malabar News journalists are expected to maintain professional dignity on their personal and work social media accounts, just as they would be expected to remain extremely professional while they represent Malabar News in public.


Quotes are expected to be reproduced within the article in the exact same way they were delivered. Malabar News employees are allowed to make grammatical and spelling corrections to the quotes as long as they do not lose the original intent of the communicator.

Malabar News journalists are expected to credit as well as provide necessary attributions to those who have supported them towards the publishing of the news article or feature.


All the stories, interviews, videos, social media posts and any other form of content created by Malabar News employees during their occupation with the news portal is the property of Malabar News.


Malabar News employees may accept free admission or access to events or institutions which they are to cover as part of their duties associated with the publication.

All employees will be reimbursed and remunerated for their travel, accommodation and dining during their official travels to cover and reproduce content for Malabar News.

No Malabar News employee is allowed to collect any form of remuneration, reimbursement, gift, or favor from a third party for the duties they are carrying out for the news portal.


Malabar News’ engagement with advertisers and public relation agencies or organizations does not influence its publishing or reporting of news articles, views or opinions made on the portal.


Malabar News employees are expected to refrain from taking up any Malabar News assignments which involve them.


Malabar News employees are expected to not make personal comments or observations on social media towards topics or matters they are assigned to cover or work on.

Employees are expected to refrain from signing petitions or otherwise identifying themselves with any causes which they are expected to cover as part of their assignment or by occupation with Malabar News.

Malabar News refrains its employees from taking positions on political parties or organizations which may lead to a conflict of interest while they pursue their professional obligations with the news portal.


Malabar News employees are only allowed to engage in any form of freelancing activities only after receiving necessary clearances from the concerned authority. Malabar News refrains its employees from working on media outlets that are in direct competition with our organization.


Malabar News employees can make appearances on any form of audio-video platforms to share observations on their area of expertise after seeking prior permission of the immediate superior.


Employees can speak before trade groups, community organizations and other events & conferences as long as they do not charge or gather any remuneration for their address.


Malabar News employees are restricted from writing a news article or feature on anybody to who they are related by blood, marriage or by law as well as with those with who they share a personal relationship.


Malabar News does not and will not in any given circumstances publish offensive, biased references to a person’s religion, caste, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or disability, unless directly relevant to the story.