Correction Policy

To error is human.

Malabar News recognizes that even after extensive due diligence procedures, mistakes can happen. The publication believes in the power of the collective and always remains progressive towards corrections and response to them.

Malabar News ensures that mistakes when identified, reported are corrected as soon as possible with high level of accountability and transparency. If the correction is straightforward and does not require further examination, it is updated within 24 hours of being identified, reported.

But if the error involves further scrutiny or validation from the sources, the correction may take up to 72 hours to reflect on the news portal.

Readers can point out the errors they identify within the news portal by either messaging directly to Malabar News on its social media platforms or by writing to us on [email protected].

Readers will have to intimate about a correction or factual error to the Malabar News team with;

  • The news article or feature page URL.
  • A screen capture (screen shot) of the content that needs to be replaced.
  • Background/Reasoning on why the content needs to be replaced.
  • A new image or details regarding the content which needs to be updated.


If a correction substantially changes the way the news article or feature, the same will be marked as a CORRECTION on the news article or feature at the end of the article with detailed account of the correction and the circumstances leading to the same.


If important information or fact about the subject matter or the story is received by Malabar News after publishing the news article or feature, the addition or redaction will be notified as UPDATE at the end of the article.

Updates will be listed in a chronological order with date and time stamps provided for transparency.


Minor errors such as typographical errors, misspellings, grammatical errors or other trivial changes may not be notified on the article after corrections.


Any errors (factual or otherwise) within the user generated content (comments, opinions or of any other nature) which is published or created by the readers of the platform will be only corrected by the team upon the request of the user who has made the comment or observation.

Malabar News does not edit, delete or add on to the content generated by the readers of the platform.


Malabar News does not entertain take-down requests. If a news article or feature is found to be factually inaccurate, the Malabar News team will conduct an internal investigation and make necessary corrections to the content of the published news article or feature as and when required.