Fact-Checking Policy

“Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.”

– John Adams, The Portable John Adams

A firm believer in the power of words, Malabar News understands that the trust of our readers depends on the authenticity of the news articles or features we publish with facts. We understand that confidence from our readers can only be gained and maintained with truthful, unbiased and balanced reporting.

Each member of the Malabar News reporting team is committed to being accurate, clear, and precise with the content they publish on the news portal, including news articles or features, social media posts, URLs, and news or feature headlines.

Every time a news article or feature is published on Malabar News, our editorial team identifies information such as names, locations, factual statements, and accounts related to the content published.


Malabar News team members will use fact-checkers occasionally when there is a conflict of interest and understanding on the matter to be published on the news portal. Fact-checkers are employed to avoid any form of bias on matters which are sensitive to Malabar News and its team members.


Malabar News is always receptive to suggestions as well as corrections pointed out by our readers.

Readers can either intimate us by directly messaging us on our social media platforms or by sending an email to mail@malabarnews.com to point out the factual or any other form of errors on the content we have published on the news portal or on social media platforms.


Once pointed out, the Malabar News team will make the necessary corrections after conducting exhaustive due diligence of the error and its reasoning. Please view our CORRECTION POLICY to gain insights into the process and timelines related to corrections & updates on the Malabar News web portal.